How Do We Approach Menstrual Education in 2020?

How Do We Approach Menstrual Education in 2020?

The only thing I remember about the period education I received in school is that we talked about giving our jumpers to girls who were having a leak, and then a teacher put a tampon in a clear vase of water.

These are both things I’ve carried into running these programs, they’re memorable and not horrific, but even though I don’t remember anything that ended up being helpful when my own period began, unfortunately this is not everyone’s experience.

In fact, most people I’ve spoken to about this remember their period education in one of three ways:

  1. Periods were completely brushed over, hardly warranting a mention.
  2. They left absolutely terrified, completely ashamed and unprepared.
  3. The vital education was clouded by shame leaving the distinct impression that silence around menstruation was the expectation.

None of these are acceptable.

Neither is separating the cohort by gender, shuffling the girls into another room to whisper about the secret shames of our bodies.

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My Period Hacks

My Period Hacks

Despite previously writing about why I’m thankful for my period, I think most uterus-owners would agree with me… it’s often a pretty crappy time.

My period symptoms have changed (and worsened) over time and I, like you (probably), have developed my own set of tricks for getting through the shedding of my uterine wall.

These might not all work for or suit everyone, or maybe these are things you already do, but these rituals and products are what work for me. Read more