Teaching Mighty Girls

Teaching Mighty Girls

My feminist journey didn’t begin until I was a few years into high school and was jump-started by my opening of a Tumblr account.

A lot of the time I wish I knew about this world, this community of women who would help me to unlearn the shame I had surrounding myself.

What if I had someone to show me how empowering it is to be unapologetically myself? Read more




Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to sit down with Adelaide Hills local and bodybuilder Ashleigh Leedham. We chatted all about her journey in bodybuilding from how she got started, her training, diet and what it’s like to compete as a bodybuilder. Ashleigh gave a lot of insight into her experience with body image and dealing with her body changing in and out of competition, which I think everyone can take something away from, regardless of your fitness regime.

Her commitment and love for what she is doing is inspiring to witness, and shines through, even in the hour I spent with her. Her journey really shows that if you find something you’re passionate about it won’t ever feel like a chore.

I also got the chance to take some photos of Ashleigh in action to create a photo story, pairing with just a small fraction of my interview with her.


Ashleigh is also a personal trainer, based in Mount Barker and you can find out more about her and inquire about training with her via her Facebook and Instagram pages.

I hope you found Ashleigh to be as insightful as I did and enjoyed this new way of presenting an interview on my blog!


Mal xx


A Win

A Win


Photo by lucia on Unsplash

Yesterday, abortion was decriminalised in Queensland, where it has been classified as a crime under the Criminal Code Act since 1899.

The fight to decriminalise abortion in Queensland has been going on for 50 years, ending with a 50-41 vote, passing law making abortion legal until 22 weeks.

The law also requires a 150m safe zone around the entrance of clinics to ensure the safety of women entering and exiting the building.

This vote grants women reproductive freedom and control over their own bodies, which is long overdue. Read more

Taking Action Against Menstrual Inequality

Taking Action Against Menstrual Inequality


Adelaide girls Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall are the Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Taboo, a new company selling pads and tampons to Australians.

But what sets them apart? All of the profits go toward helping the lives of women who don’t have access to proper menstrual health care and education. Read more

Sierra Burgess is a Vindictive Manipulator

Sierra Burgess is a Vindictive Manipulator

Stranger Things Barbara GIF


I’m a huge sucker for a rom-com, so when Netflix’s Sierra Burgess is a Loser, starring Shannon Purser was released on the seventh of September I didn’t hesitate to pop it on and settle in for the night.

I was already completely obsessed with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and considering they share the same male lead in Noah Centineo, I was ready to fall in love with another Peter Kavinsky type. Read more