Is Social Media Making You Feel Bad About Your Body?

Is Social Media Making You Feel Bad About Your Body?

Okay don’t worry, social media isn’t the devil and I’m not about to go all boomer on you but hear me out…

It can be super bad for your mental wellbeing.

I don’t mean the fact that you’re on your phone all of the time (like I said, not going all boomer), but are you spending your time on social media making yourself feel bad?

I was, without even realising it I was following people who made me feel like crap about myself, and in particular my body.

We know that ‘diet culture’ is toxic, and I really hope no one is following anyone promoting appetite suppressant teas or ‘meal replacement’ shakes (spoiler alert – they’re full of laxatives, but what else promotes a toxic relationship with your body?

What about people who interfere with their bodies shape beyond belief with the likes of facetune and photoshop?

People who only post photos from strategic angles and when their bodies look thin?

People who spam your feed with crap about their weight loss and diets, especially when it feels like there is an emphasis on looking ‘better’ and loss equalling success?

Anyone who has ever used the term ‘thinspo’ (thin inspiration)?

Anyone who describes eating sweets or carbs or ‘fatty’ foods as ‘cheating’ on a diet?

Once you start paying attention, the patterns really start to show.

However there is a magic fix, an easy way to make social media a safe space, away from body shaming…

Unfollow them.

Unfollow anyone who makes you feel like crap about your body.

Even if you like other stuff they post.

Even if you know them in person.

Even if they’re your friend.

If they are making you feel bad about yourself, they have no place within your social media sphere.

We are already surrounded by fatphobia in so many forms, regardless of your size or body type the narratives screaming ‘thin is best’ and ‘you need to be thinner’ are everywhere.

And they’ve been fed to us forever… how often is the fat girl the love interest in a film or tv show with no ‘body transformation’ storyline? and how many of the magazines at the supermarket checkout don’t have some kind of ‘ew look this woman has fat on her body’ photo plastered across the front.

Social media is no different, but it’s amplified by how accessible and constant it is.

So fuck that? Right.

None of us need that shit on top of everything else, so we need to consciously stop subscribing to it.

Because no one has the right to make you feel like shit, no matter how they present themselves on the internet.

You’re cool as shit, anyone who makes you feel otherwise doesn’t deserve your presence on social media or otherwise.


Mal xx

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