Explaining Myself (sort of)

Explaining Myself (sort of)

Ok.. So we’ve been here before (repeatedly if you follow me on Instagram), but I’ve clearly been absent from here for a while.

Nearly two months to be exact. I haven’t published a blog post in nearly two months.

I guess it’s a combination of things that have lead to this point.

Depending on how much time you spend on social media, you might know that I recently had surgery, a laparoscopy to investigate why I’m in pain all of the time and my recovery has not been as quick or as easy as I hoped.

Leading up to this was also the end of semester one for the year at uni, so we can pretend like I prioritised that and didn’t have time to write.

My mental health has also been far less than optimal.

As much as my entire brand is based on completely oversharing, for the moment we’re just going to stick with it hasn’t been going well.

But I’m working on that, I’m in therapy and taking my medications, but my mental health is really the main reason I’ve been a little absent.

I know I don’t have to apologise for that, I need to look after myself and being angry on the internet just takes a backseat then.

But I want to be writing and posting here, and now that I’m feeling a little more on track I’m here (provided that someone other than me is reading this, because that will mean I actually published this).

It’s just a little easier said than done, I feel like the longer I leave the harder it is to make that first post back.

And this one doesn’t really count.

So (provided I put this into the world), I’m going to publish something every day for a week.

I’m not promising anything groundbreaking, but I’m saying there will be something.

I hope you’ll join me, and let me know what you think along the way… This is a little scary but I think it’ll be fun.

So yeah, I guess I’m back.

And I’ll see you tomorrow.


Mal xx

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