Done with Toxic Diet Culture

Done with Toxic Diet Culture

Happy belated New Year!

It’s that time again, another rotation around the sun has begun, and with that the swarming of toxic diet ideas and body shaming.

How many skinny tea ads have you seen since the first of the month? Or promotions of appetite suppressant lollipops? Or laxative filled shakes?

How many posts have you seen trying to evoke guilt from your eating habits over the holiday season in order to sell a product?

This whole thing around the new year making it okay to promote unhealthy weight loss methods is completely screwed up- I mean doing it at all is, especially when these ‘influencers’ (who, spoiler alert- aren’t using these products), but this culture of ‘having to’ loose weight in the new year making this okay is horrific.

Not only are these products harmful to your body (and not effective), but so is selling diet fads to teenagers (who make up such a huge part of ‘influencers” audiences).

Honestly, it makes me livid, who gives you the right to make teenagers feel like shit about their bodies?

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with fitness ‘influencers’ existing, but there is something fundamentally wrong with telling young, impressionable adults, who look up to you that there is something about their body that they need to fix, and here is the magic solution that could well have lasting damaging effects.

I really try to avoid saying the word I’m about to say on here because my grandparents may see it but, fuck you.

As a teenager I was swimming competitively at a state and national level, training seven times a week in the water, plus gym and pilates sessions, and I was strong and fit, but I never had a flat stomach.

I never looked like the other girls in the pool, or my friends at school, and I truly hated my body- and honestly myself.

I was the impressionable teenager seeing these ads on Instagram and other social media, and it honestly felt like they were talking to me specifically, telling me they could fix my stomach and make me less hungry (which is bullshit, I was training so much of course I was hungry).

This only ever added to how much I hated my body, if this girl with the flat stomach needs this shake, what the hell do I need?

Fuck you, for trying to profit off of my insecurities.

Fuck you for making girls feel like shit for a profit.

In the past year and a bit I have stopped swimming, medicated for my mental health (which resulted in weight gain) and dealt with both chronic pain and mental health issues that have severely lessened my day to day physical activity, and yet I don’t completely hate the body I see in the mirror.

Sure I have days, but this is a journey of self love and acceptance, that has me looking in the mirror sometimes like ‘oh hey, she’s cute’.

I am not alive to loose weight, and realising this has changed my life.

I’m not saying that exercise is bad, by any means, but can we please just stop measuring health in kilograms and centimetres?

All bodies are good bodies, unfollow anyone who makes you feel otherwise.


Mal xx


2 thoughts on “Done with Toxic Diet Culture

  1. Great post, preachhh sista❤️ I just read this and it’s amazing!! I found your work beautiful and truly look forward to reading more in the future. I’m in love with your words and the way you expressed your thoughts so easily. And I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on Anti-abortion feminists and reproductive rights and comment some feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran

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