Teaching Mighty Girls

Teaching Mighty Girls

My feminist journey didn’t begin until I was a few years into high school and was jump-started by my opening of a Tumblr account.

A lot of the time I wish I knew about this world, this community of women who would help me to unlearn the shame I had surrounding myself.

What if I had someone to show me how empowering it is to be unapologetically myself?

Well, that’s exactly what Lauren, blogger at killingvenus.com, creator of Mighty Grrl Movement and teacher is doing.

Lauren runs a female empowerment club for girls aged nine to eleven at her school, working with them for an hour each week.

In this post, ‘Who Run the World‘, she talks all about her first year of running this program, and shares some of the work the girls have created, which I can guarantee will warm your heart.

You’re probably wishing at this point that you had something like this at your age, or if you’re anything like me, sending links to your mother (who happens to be a primary school teacher).

Even though I am unfortunately not eleven anymore, Lauren’s blogs are a fantastic resource for anyone with younger girls in their life who they want to start a conversation with.

And over on her Mighty Grrl Movement Site Lauren is selling girls t-shirts with slogans like ‘I am a girl phenomenally’, which have no size labels (which makes my heart so happy!!)

Instead, each of the three shirt sizes is named after a feminist icon: Maya Angelou, Mia Hamm and Malala Yousafzai.

On the blog section of the Mighty Grll Movement site, you can find book recommendations for children, with some fantastic picks from Letterbox Library, who “specialise in books in which all children can see themselves and which reflect our world community in all of its diversity”.

You can find more amazing content at killingvenus.com and mightygrrlmovement.com or on her Instagrams, @killingvenusblog and @mightygrrlmovement

I hope you love her content as much as I do, and maybe even find something to share with a girl in your life!


Mal xx

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