Girls are Freaking Awesome

Girls are Freaking Awesome


This week has been well, a week.

But amongst the chaos and the stress, one thing always seems to be constant; girls are the absolute greatest.

Not to knock on boys at all, boys are great (I have two wonderful brothers myself), but when was the last time a group of boys raced to find you paracetamol from their backpacks?

This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing not one, but two wonderful women for my blog (keep an eye out, coming soon), who were both so inspiring to speak to and so wonderful to take time out of their days for me.

I’ve also had so many lovely comments on my blog content this week (which always warms my heart), anyone who takes the time to send me a message or an Instagram dm or just read my posts just reminds me how great and supportive girls are.

My body decided to bring on early hell-ish pre-period cramps this week and the girls in my tutorial when I was really going through it immediately offered a mini-pharmacy of medication and a heat pack (yep, I told you it was an especially blessed week).

In the same class I mentioned my blog and what I do and the girl sitting next to me got me to follow my blog twitter (which you can find @hyperfeminism_, I have no shame) and then got me to compose a tweet from her account shouting myself out, which is still the sweetest thing to ever happen ever.

Not exclusive to this week, but I have the greatest girlfriends in the whole world and I’m constantly shocked by how much they care about me.

I have no idea what I did to get so blessed by the friends I have, to have people in my life who check in on me and always back me up.

This week was kind of special in that I got to speak to my beautiful mumma every day, even if it was just for ten minutes, she’s a very busy boss lady and we’re not always able to check in and talk about our days so it’s nice when we get to have that time.

This was mushy as hell but I think it’s important to remind ourselves to look out for other girls.

It’s something we’re so good at, and it’s beautiful to see girls supporting other girls, even if it’s just giving a tampon to a girl in a public bathroom or checking in on your girlfriends.

It’s so wonderful to live in the same world as such amazing people and to be blessed by the presence of the women in my life.

This was a bit different for me but I’m just feeling very appreciative this week.


Mal xx

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