My Modibodi Period (Menstrual Underwear Review)

My Modibodi Period (Menstrual Underwear Review)

Since my post ‘Seven Ways You Can Reduce Waste on Your Period’ I’ve gotten quite a few questions about my Modibodi menstrual underwear.

The impression I got from the messages and conversations was that you guys just weren’t convinced.

So I put up a poll on my Instagram story and 100% of you that voted wanted to see a full review of the underwear during my period so here it is!

I’ll start by saying I get the disbelief, I felt the exact same way.

I said it in my last post mentioning these underwear and I’ll say it again, I despise pads and I was not convinced that these could be any better.

But it took one period for me to be sold, so I really think it’s a product worth giving a chance.

I’ve been wearing Modibodi for about 8 months now and I would recommend them to everyone! Especially teens, worrying about leaks and changing tampons in high school always caused me unnecessary anxiety, I wish I had these then!

A few key points on menstrual underwear

  • They’re basically like underwear with a built in pad, but they feel like normal underwear (I swear)
  • They don’t feel bulky or damp throughout the day like a pad
  • They’re completely reusable for up to two years (depending on how well you look after them)
  • There’s no need to use any other period product with them (bye bye forever pads)
  • They’re super easy to wash
  • They come range in style and absorbency so you’re sure to find a pair that work for you

They’re uncomfortable, bulky and they move so more often than not you end up with a leak (or I do anyway), so needless to say I was hesitant to try anything remotely similar.

So, without further ado here’s a play by play of Modibodi on my period.

As a side note, I usually switch between a menstrual cup and underwear on my period but for the purpose of this review I only wore my menstrual underwear on this period.

Also, Personally I own two pairs of each of the pairs linked below, all in a size 14 (they run true to size too, so just order your regular underwear size).

Depending on the flow and length of your period the amount of pairs you need will vary but if you’re going to order just keep in mind the more absorbent they are the longer they will take to dry.

Day one

The first day of my period is usually fairly light (compared with the following days) so I use a light-moderate absorbency pair (these ones specifically). My period was already a day late at this point and didn’t start till overnight (shoutout to stress for that), but these provided protection and 0 leakage while I slept.

Day two

The second day of my period is where the blood flow really starts to pick up. This is where I switch to my heavy-overnight absorbency pair (these ones specifically). I wore these all day and night, lasting a day of uni, a four and a half hour evening nap and my whole nights sleep, no leaks to be seen.

Day three

This is usually my heaviest day and my heavy-overnight pair lasted me through the whole day and overnight. I have bled through these before on a (super) heavy day so I was over the moon when I woke up with no blood on my sheets.

Day four

I started my day with my lighter absorbency pair as my second heavy pair weren’t quite dry yet (which makes me think I need to invest in another pair or two), but as this is still a pretty heavy day for me I switched into them once they were dry in the afternoon. No leaks to report during the evening or overnight. I also wore a skirt out to a market for dinner with a friend and despite how absorbent they are they’re not bulky and you can’t seer that you’re wearing them through clothing.

Day five

I was really hoping this would be the last day of my period (spoiler alert- it wasn’t) so I wore my lighter absorbency pair and went and trapped myself in the university library for nearly seven hours. I walked away with a little leak through my trackies, but nothing drastic, I really just should’ve worn my more absorbent pair. However, I was still really impressed by this, getting through a whole day without changing my menstrual product and only ending up with a tiny leak is new to me. I changed into my heavier pair before I went to bed and woke up to clean sheets once again.

Day six

Finally at the end of this period, it’s the perfect day for my light-moderate pair. Just that last bit of blood and brown-discharge, no leaks to report.

Edit: the underwear do not produce an odour.

In terms of washing them, it’s pretty straight forward.

They need a rinse before going in the machine, you can just rinse them in the bottom of the shower. Then just pop them in a dedicates bag (I use this one, it’s huge which is awesome) and wash on cold with anything else. Then hang them out to dry (no dryer) and you’re good to go!

Don’t worry about your other clothes, they won’t be affected by the blood (my whites can attest to that). Just make sure to not use fabric softeners or strong detergents.

In winter they can take quite a while to dry, so I lie them inside out on a clothes horse under the heater in my room and they’re dry in no time.

But if you’ve had a look online, you would’ve noticed that menstrual underwear aren’t super cheap. They go for at least $20 a pair, but when you add up how much you spend on pads and tampons a month, it won’t be long before you’re saving money.

Modibodi do have a 30-day risk-free-trial policy for new customers so if you’re not convinced you can return the used garment for a refund (keep in mind that this policy only applies to one pair of underwear) as well as Afterpay!

If you’d like $10 off your first purchase, send me an email with your first and last name and I’ll respond with my referral code! 

If you give them a go, let me know what you think!


Mal xx

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