Trinkets – Female Friendship and Predatory Behaviour

Trinkets – Female Friendship and Predatory Behaviour

Ok, so it’s well documented at this point that I have a love hate relationship with Netflix when it comes to their original productions (see here, here and here).

But sometimes they do alright, so I was excited to see the promotions for ‘Trinkets’ popping up.

Three girls, forming an unbreakable bond, beautiful friendships forged over a mutual shoplifting habit.

And for that part of the show, it was really great.

I’m late on writing about this, I watched the whole series pretty soon after it was released.

Honestly, I was hoping that someone from the show or from Netflix would come out and confirm that the adults in this show were younger than we thought and it was all a misunderstanding so that I could write about the things this show did so well.

But that was unrealistic, and I still feel uneasy about the show as a whole, because the reality is the issues in the show are serious and they overshadow everything good about it. Read more

My Endometriosis Surgery & Recovery

My Endometriosis Surgery & Recovery

Almost four weeks ago I had a laparoscopy which is a keyhole surgery used to examine or operate on, in my case, the source of pelvic pain.

My surgery was to inspect inside my pelvis and excise endometriosis (if found), and I also had a mirena IUD inserted while I was under.

I decided rather than doing a standard blog post about my surgery (which probably would have been three thousand words), I’d switch it up a little bit and vlog my recovery!

This is my first go at something like this, so I’d love if you checked it out! Read more

Girl Power Dance Party (and everyone is invited)

Girl Power Dance Party (and everyone is invited)


Hello loves, and happy Saturday!

Today’s post is one I’ve been meaning to put together for probably like a year now… I’ve played around with the idea multiple times since then and it’s never felt completely right, until today.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things, but it mostly manifests in my Spotify playlists.

My music taste isn’t anything overly sophisticated, in fact it is best described as a young adult novel coming to life.

And you know what that means… bops, it’s all bops.

So who better to bring you a playlist full to the brim of girl power anthems? Read more

My Period Hacks

My Period Hacks

Despite previously writing about why I’m thankful for my period, I think most uterus-owners would agree with me… it’s often a pretty crappy time.

My period symptoms have changed (and worsened) over time and I, like you (probably), have developed my own set of tricks for getting through the shedding of my uterine wall.

These might not all work for or suit everyone, or maybe these are things you already do, but these rituals and products are what work for me.

First of all, in the week leading up to my period I always, without fail, break out. Usually on my chin and forehead, and it drives me nuts. However, I’ve found that if at the start of the week before my period is due I apply the Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum before going to bed I can prevent that from happening all together!

If I forget to do this (or more likely forget to keep track of where I’m at in my cycle) the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a life saver. Just use a q-tip to pop it on over any spots and it fixes them right up! Apart from the fact that they work so well, I love these two products because they’re relatively inexpensive, a little goes a long way and they last ages!

Heat is a big thing for me when I have cramps, but heat packs drive me nuts. I need it to be really hot (probably too hot) and I find that they go too cold for me too quickly and then I end up having to go back and fourth from lying down and the kitchen or I just give up and suffer. Until, that is, I found the heat pack of my dreams. This $30 rechargeable wonder has changed the game for me. I love it for so many reasons, I can plug it in right next to my bed, it stays hotter longer (literally for hours, I can charge it and then take it to uni and it’s still good to go), the cover thick but removable so I’m not going to burn myself, but if it’s not feeling hot enough after a while I just take the cover off and I’m good to go. It also has a light on the charger so you can tell when it’s ready to go, which is only 10-15 minutes.

The next one doesn’t sound like a hack but, own period underwear. I rave about period undies all the time, I’m honestly a broken record at this point. However, they’re bloody (hehe) awesome. You can get different levels of absorbency so you can make them suit your cycle, and there are so many out there you’d be hard pressed to not find a style of undies you like. I love them especially for overnight (because I sleep for too long to use a cup all night) and the days at the start and end of my cycle when I think my period will start and I’m not sure if it’s ended. I’m currently using the brand Love Luna and so far I’m obsessed. They’re $13.50 a pair and you can get them online or in Woolworths stores which makes them super accessible! I also love my Modibodi‘s which I’ve written about on here before.

I’m super weird about taking pain killers. I don’t like to take them unless I’m really uncomfortable and even then I feel kinda guilty about taking them (other people have told me they feel like this too – why are we like this?). When it comes to painkillers though, cramps wise panadol doesn’t do much for me because mine are so bad. I get a lot of back pain with my period too, and I take Voltaren 25’s for that because, again, it’s really bad. These have been a life saver for me, but they’re pretty strong and kept behind the counter at the pharmacy. There are lower doses that you can get just off the shelves, which is probably a good starting point if nurofen doesn’t work for you.
********** please check with a medical professional before taking any new medicines. I am not a doctor this is just what has worked for me, that doesn’t mean it will work for you **********

If you have cramps, caffeine makes them worse! If you can’t kick the coffee habit for a week, try and at least have less on the days where you feel it the most. Remember that green and black teas both have more caffeine in them than a shot of coffee and that most chocolate also contains caffeine as it is naturally found in cocoa beans!

The last one is a doozy, but so important… STAY HYDRATED! Being dehydrated during your period can exacerbate any cramps or discomfort.

I do have quite a few more so maybe there will be a part two in the future… Do you have any period hacks of your own? Let me know, I’m always looking for new things to try out!

Happy bleeding!


Mal xx






A Love Letter to My Best Friends

A Love Letter to My Best Friends


To the two most wonderful pals a girl could wish for,

I don’t understand what I did to get so lucky, but I need to start by saying that you are more incredible than you can possibly imagine.

I don’t really believe in fate, but the chances that our paths would ever cross were slim, so I feel like I either made the perfect decisions, or there was a reason for all of the questionable ones.

Whatever reason, I truly won the lottery, not just in knowing you, but in being a part of our relationship.

I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for you, and I hope you know that.

Mostly this is a thank you, because I don’t know where I would be without you.

Thank you for accepting me for everything that I am.

Thank you for being there always no questions asked.

Thank you for picking up (and telling me to keep calling until I do).

Thank you for brunch.

And for dinners that last 7 hours.

Thank you for far too many tequila shots.

Thank you for water (with ice).

Thank you for your constant reassurance.

Thank you for being too wonderful for words.

Thank you for getting me.

It’s been an up and down year, but I’m glad I have you to go up and down with.

I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

All of my love,

Mal xx




Stop Asking Me This

Stop Asking Me This


Photo by Sam Xu on Unsplash

If you’re new here, you might not know that I suffer from chronic pelvic pain.

I’ve recently had surgery to investigate the cause of this, which I’ll find out in a few weeks, but the running assumption is that I have endometriosis.

If you don’t know, endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus, which causes pain along with a whole bunch of other symptoms that vary.

Endometriosis can also cause infertility.

And this, funnily enough is usually the thing people know about endometriosis.

It is also the thing that people seem to feel most comfortable about asking me, and it’s often the first question out of their mouth.

‘So can you still have kids?’ Read more